Readers’ wildlife photos

12 Aug

Why Evolution Is True

Well, I guess this has become a regular feature, though I didn’t plan it that way. I’m not sure that I’ll receive sufficient good photos to sustain this on a daily basis, but we’ll see. Remember, if you have critter or plant photos, please send me high-quality ones, and, as always, I make no promises to post readers’ submissions. (Most, however, seem to appear!)

Today we have some lovely damselflies from reader/photographer Pete Moulton in Phoenix, Arizona (his notes are indented):

These are all examples of the same species of damselfly, Ischnura hastata, familiarly known as the Citrine Forktail. It’s Arizona’s smallest regularly occurring odonate, usually less than 25mm long. It’s also a rather variable critter, and these photographs show the range of variation.
The orange version is an immature female. As she matures, she’ll become heavily pruinose and turn a pale blue-gray color.
Ischnura hastata_7-3-11_Papago Pk_8723
I presume this is a…

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