Hope Comes Pre-Installed

12 Aug
Hope Comes Pre-Installed


There is an odd dissonance playing out in the news of late – a rather jarring juxtaposition between euphoric promises and doom tinged proclamations. While a defining feature of the summer of 2013 was Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA, the events that have shaped the summer of 2014 have been international conflicts (Gaza, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria), fear of epidemics (Ebola), breakdown of essential services (Detroit, the functioning of the US government), and increasingly loud – if unheeded – sirens being sounded regarding climate change. However, if the Snowden revelations at least gave politicians the opportunity to pound their fists and fulminate, this summer’s set of calamities has resulted in reactions that are blaring mostly in their silence.

Yet amidst all of the despair inducing headlines the unflinching hopeful cheeriness surrounding technology shines through. After all, it has been a very good summer for tech industry profits. When the revelations…

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